Digital Art

My interest in digital drawing and painting started a few years back when I took a graphic design course at the local community college.  You know the rest if you have tried Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator! I was hooked.  I had thought PS was just for photographers and did not realize the wide realm of techniques and tools at the artist's touch.  In this section, I present some finished pieces as well as works in progress.  I want to invite you back to this page frequently because I will be adding and updating my work.  I was elated to have my first digital piece chosen as a 2nd place award in a student competition at the college and then to have another piece "The Shell Lady" both accepted and winning a 2nd place honor in the Digital Art category at The Professional Artists Exhibit/Illinois State Fair/Springfield, IL in 2012.  That same image took an Honorable Mention Award at the October 2012 show at the Starline Gallery in Harvard, IL.

*Here's an updated note and new image on the 'dog' drawing on this page.....I will continue to update and post my progress with this image on this page.