I have been concentrating on my ILLUSTRATION PORTFOLIO since the beginning of 2013.  YES, it is painting, but more illustrative so I show them on my 'Illustrations' page.  I do have some recent watercolors from our trip to Edisto Beach, S.C.  and from a SW U.S. trip and will post them soon.

The deep satisfaction I feel while working digitally comes very close to BUT does not quite compare to the feel of a brush loaded with watercolor paint stroking a cold press sheet of paper OR that wonderful 'scrubby' feel of a bristle brush with oil paint on canvas.  Painting sets the artist apart and puts them in another spiritual realm as I lack the words to describe this feeling, but one that EVERY painter knows about!  I hope you enjoy some of my watercolor and oil paintings on this page and please check my 'commission' page for more work samples.